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A right to safety at work!

Workers at the DVLA are on strike over COVID safety. The corona virus safety measures on the site have clearly been inadequate as shown by the high number of infections, making it the worst civil service site; workers were instructed to return to work as part of the Govt’s “pandemic over/return to normal” policies earlier, together with a management view, that much work couldn’t be performed at home and the number of those infected increased to over 500.  The Union (PCS) sought to negotiate an agreement to ensure the sight was safe but management, probably on instructions from Grant Shapps, the responsible (sic) minister, withdrew and the Union is now in dispute and calling and funding strike action. Management are now employing strike breakers.

This is a dispute that affects everyone. We have spoken to many people who are forced work or choose between keeping themselves and their families safe and returning to unsafe work places.

Your branch committee is sending a message of solidarity.

Posted: 29th June 2021

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