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An election for General Secretary

The Union is going to run an election to fill the position of General Secretary and Treasurer.  The formal announcement is on the Union’s web site in a page, snappily entitled, Election of General Secretary & Treasurer 2021. The article, which requires an active site login, links to additional documents inc. the timetable. As a branch, we are planning to hold a nomination meeting, almost certainly using video conferencing technology.

To appear on the ballot paper, potential candidates need 30 branch nominations from two or more regions which is why the nomination meetings are important but we will need to move our March meeting by a week. We will be in touch with all members to let you know how to have your say at this meeting.

It would be enormously helpful if we know and have permission to use your email address. You can let us know yours by following the guidance in this blog article on this site.

Posted: 6th February 2021

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