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Defending our rights at work

I, Steve and Ernest have met many of you and as a branch leadership, we do our best to guide and defend you through disputes you have, or for those we haven’t met,  may have with your employer.

Very few of you work at workplaces with collective bargaining agreements and so we guide you through disciplinary and grievance processes, we represent you at the meetings and help our solicitors prosecute for you where there is a legal case that we can’t win in the workplace.

This Tory Government is proposing to repeal large parts of the employment protection rules that do exist; this will make it much harder for us and for our lawyers to act successfully. The legislation is currently with the House of Lords; we urge you to use the following web site, to write to the Secretary of State and to your MP (the site will do this for you) to ask them not to proceed with the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill.

If these worker’s rights are removed we will all be in a much worse position. Please, if you can, send the email to the politicians concerned.

Posted: 5th April 2023

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