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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our members.

We are preparing a Branch activists plan for 2019 will focus on organising new work places and training both workplace organisers and accompanying representatives. Last year’s plan involved increasing the number of trained people on the branch committee that could act as accompanying reps. We now have four people focused on supporting you and representing you to your management irrespective of whether we are recognized as a Union. They are trained as work place organisers, health and safety reps. and in basic employment law. They have access to the resources of the GMB owned law firm, Unionline.

Through our work we can see that there is a large number of people being bullied through aggressive performance management processes to the extent of requiring sick leave for stress.  We recommend that you contact us if you feel you need to make a grievance complaint, if you don’t then your case is not documented with your work and bullying should not be permitted in any workplace or indeed society at large.

We have also defended members in redundancy programmes and against unfair dismissals. We have had many successes through our work representing our members and look forward to continue to doing so in 2019.

Our case work is a key benefit from your membership. Call us if you need us! We are available here, or via our contact form.

Posted: 3rd January 2019

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