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More on the General Secretary Election, vote now

The Branch Secretary has been written to about the General Secretary and Treasurer election. This is conducted, exclusively by postal ballot and the ballot papers should have arrived by now. The message from our regional office is mostly posted below. It has been amended to conform with the rules restrictions on campaigning and canvassing.

This branch made a nomination and our nomination is listed in the election statements booklet on Page 5.

Ballots should have arrived and must be returned by 2 June.


All members should have received an email informing them that registration is now open for the virtual General Secretary election hustings and everyone in membership on 31st March 2021 is entitled to vote.  These were sent on 23 April, 30 April and 7 May as part of a regular Friday mailing from GMB Union If you didn’t receive these emails, check your Junk folder.

There are to be two hustings and the first has already occurred; it is available as video on the GMB election microsite,, which is behind the GMB member’s login.

The next hustings will start at 5pm on  Wednesday 19th May.  To watch the hustings live – and to submit your question to candidates, you must register in advance.

Ballot Papers

As required by law, all voting will be undertaken using a postal ballot ONLY. In accordance with the by-laws, eligibility to vote are those who were in membership on 31 March 2021 and are up to date with contributions.

We will be using CIVICA (formerly ERS) for mailing members and they will be sending out ballot packs direct to members home addresses.  These should reach members by 12 May.   Close of voting is 2 June and results will be announced on 3 June.

Didn’t receive a ballot pack?

If you are have not received your ballot pack and are a member of the Branch, please notify the London Regional Returning Officer, Ida Clemo giving the name, address and membership number for the member concerned.


As you can see much of the communication about the election has been sent via email and we know that many of you have not told us what email address you use. It would be great if you did. See Keeping in touch on this blog for how to do that.

Posted: 14th May 2021

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