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Redundancy self-defence

Sadly we are seeing a number of redundancy programmes being announced; here’s some notes on self defence.

Large programmes (over 90 people) can be over and done in 45 days, smaller one’s in less time; if you are a member and need the Union’s help get in touch as soon as possible. We can help more if we have a recognition agreement, but even where we do not, we can ensure that you have a Union rep. at most meetings, i.e. all those to which you are entitled and our lawyers will fight your case, if there is one to fight, if you have been treated unfairly.

The key part of a legal redundancy is that the work is going away or has gone. This is sometimes complicated in the world of service outsourcing and the varied employee statuses can also make the law hard to understand and obtain the justice that the law was designed to provide.

I expect that at the moment, economic viability is going to be hard to argue about, but in better days this is less true, particularly when companies decide to in-source work they had previously contracted out.

You will be notified if you are in a role no longer required, or if you are judged to be in a group with a surplus of people. In the latter case, some will be kept on, and some let go; if this is what’s happening, then the way you are selected or not selected for redundancy must be fair as prescribed by law.

Your employer must offer you the opportunity to be redeployed within the company, if they have any suitable vacancies.

Making these arguments takes time and is easier if management haven’t made up their minds. This is why speed is important.

If you are a member, and need our help, get in touch at London Region’s contact form, or direct to us, our i.e. the branch leadership’s contact details are here… .

Posted: 24th April 2020

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