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Lessons from redundancy representations

Sadly redundancy is a common reason for contacting us. Here’s a short note on what you might expect. A redundancy package will consist of a statutory redundancy payment (SRP) which is tax free subject to a cap, and can be evaluated here, your notice, which management will often seek to make a payment in lieu of, and must be paid at 100% of the contracted rate, and payment for any untaken holiday.

Your notice will be specified in your contract of employment, or your employee handbook.

If using the govt. calculator, remember to use your gross pay as the SRP is tax free.

If management want to force you to take holiday then they must give double the notice of the leave period, i.e. a 10 day absence requires 20 day’s notice. ACAS state that accrued holiday¬† must be paid.

Posted: 18th September 2020

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