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What we want from Congress

At our branch meeting last night we debated and passed nine motions for Congress. There were over 20 people present at the meeting and it makes me wonder how more could be carried at a meeting where these motions could be debated and voted upon. Our meeting was exceptionally well chaired, and people were very self disciplined. We passed motions on Fair Votes, Non-Compete Clauses, the EU and Future Trade and Co-operation agreement, a campaign to restore legal aid, the Human Rights Act, affiliation to AEIP, Sick Pay, the GMB training programme, and ending the housing crisis.

We asked the GMB to consult its membership on the issue of public authority voting systems, to work to abolish non-compete clauses, to work with the Law Centre Network to campaign to restore Legal Aid, to support the Human Rights Act, for a better sick pay system by making it universal, and increasing the rate, making the GMB rep training more available to part-time and gig workers and to fund and build more social, environmentally sustainable houses.

The motion booklet is available here; they will all be on the Congress Agenda but we’ll need to see what the CEC recommendations are, as they make recommendations on all motions.

Posted: 19th January 2022

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